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    About IKIGAI : 生き甲斐 “what is worth living”. Iki : to live Gai : reward In Japan, this word used daily is meaningfull… Akihiro Hasegawa, Ikigai expert, defines ikigai as "a sense of being alive, here and now, and the personal awareness of what animates it". AND for us ? IKIGAI is the name of our sailing vessel Ikigai is the achievement of two dreamers who are passionated by oceans. We have been sailing together for more than 20 years... The dream became reality when life reminded us the importance to live fully here and now . We wanted to create an inspiring open space where we and our guests could share and regain energy while enjoying life ! IKIGAI was born ! We will sail through the Caribbean sea. Come on board, cast off, steer and sail the boat under the friendly supervision of the captain, live close of the ocean and let yourself discover a new perspective all while experiencing an exciting way of life... ​ An essential: respect for the environment With a 180hp engine in the holds, it may seem surprising to talk about ecology, and yet... Sails are our preferred means of propulsion, and the solar panels ensure the energy consumption on board. Hygienic and maintenance products are friendly for the marine environment and for us. We are consuming only local and seasonal products and seafood. Bread, buns, spreads are made on board... Ikigai is equipped with a watermaker which ensures our autonomy in water, including drinking water. VISIT IKIGAI The crew Johnny - yacht master - Ikigai captain His magical power : builder His next challenge : sail to the Marquesas He previously worked in 6 different jobs including electrician, IT technician, trainer or skipper. He rebuilt houses, the 44fts sloop we have sailed for 20 years. Multi-talented, he knows his ship like the back of his hand, having completely renovated it. With 25 years of experience at sea, he has clocked up more than 35,000 miles*, in the Mediterranean, during Atlantic crossings, in the Caribbean Sea. Gwendoline - coach - Ikigai mate Her magical power : positive energy Her next challenge : to live her ikigai ​ Nomad at heart, having grown up near the Channel, living on a sailboat has become obvious. She's been sailing as a mate for 22 years. Her Ikigai focuses on sharing what sea life is about and the powerfull feeling of freedom that comes along,... Her professional "raison d'être" is to accompany her clients towards a greater inner kindness and more freedom of choice.... ​ Elouan - student - Ikigai crew His magical power : sense of humor His next challenge : to handle his parents for the next 30 000 miles ​ He was 11 months when he learned to walk in the cockpit of our previous boat as we were sailing the Canal du Midi. A talented draftsman and studious schoolboy, he developed a passion for mangas and reading novels during his first transatlantic at the age of 8. Today his favorite author is Bernard Weber. Cruises days out of time to live the "extra ordinary" Cruising VIE A BORD With friends, family, on your own A coastal cruise to cast off, and be on sea: sailing, swimming, anchoring in small bays, paddle, snorkeling, and even ayurvedic massages on demand. ​ Cruising and personal development "there is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they are going." Sénèque Cruising and personal development A thematic cruise to cast off and set the course on you A five workshops path to discover your ikigai, to develop a kind and authentic relationships with your emotions or to focus on your audacity... ON BOARD LIFE Cruising and resilience Cruise and resilience embrace and overcome in a constructive way disease experience Cruising and resilience A cruise... to accompany your inner re-connection A working process for people who have, had something to deal with cancer. The project : to work on your healing process in the spirit of Kintsugi ​ PROGRAM Testimonials Read "After 2 complicated years in various respects an urgent need to disconnect, to rejuvenate was essential. We were also looking for a future project to be able to introduce ourselves to pleasure sailing and the life that accompanies it. With Gwen, Jo and Elouann we were delighted. They welcomed us on the Ikigai with kindness, listened to our wishes and never stopped accompanying us with a thousand and one attentions and exchanges. Know-how, benevolence expertise and only superb sharing. Gwen entertained us every day. Her background as a personal development coach was perfect, all in nuance and attentive with a good dose of good humor and crazy positive energy. Elouann expert in desserts and budding artist. And Jo, a teacher in spite of himself. Extra experienced, gentle benevolent generous and very very reassuring Crazy landscapes, a few turtles and a few dolphins. What to say... Far from chartered tourism in the privacy of this Boat we found more than we expected a unique experience and of humanity as we would like it to be everywhere. Need a break, go for it." Annabelle & Thierry Gallery Read contact us IKIGAI Tel / WhatsApp : +33 6 25 94 97 00 Email: We are in the caribbean sea between Martinique and Cuba, don't hesitate to join us Thank you for what you sent ! Send Find us! June 2022 Dominican Republica July 2022 Cuba August - Dec 2022 Hurrican season Jan - March 2023 Martinique April - May 2023 Guadeloupe Avril - mi mai 2023 June 2023 Traversée Atlantique July 2023 Azores Islands August 2023 The Algarve Août 2023 March - July 2024 Greece ©AKtiv design - Legal Notice


    Pourquoi partager ? Nous avons laissé derrière nous les côtes de l'Europe et largué les amarres il y a 15 mois. Vivre au temps présent encourage les jolies rencontres. On vous partage celles qui nous ont beaucoup aidés à faire du le lien dans un environnement toujours en mouvement !!! Notre 1er coup de coeur Corazon Maya spanish school Fondée il y a 25 ans, Corazon Maya Spanish school est une école d’espagnol basée à San Pedro de la laguna sur les rives du Lac Atitlan, un lac qui a toujours attiré : les mayas le considèrent sacré, écrivains et artistes y ont puisé l’inspiration ; Parmi eux, Aldous Huxley, auteur du « Meilleur des mondes » , disait : « c’est comme le lac de Côme embelli de volcans immenses. Il est vraiment au-dessus de tout." Pourquoi Corazon Maya et pas une autre ? elle propose une immersion au cœur de la culture maya dont sont issus Antonio et Marta Gonzales Navichoc les fondateurs A 10min du centre-ville de San Pedro, les cours se déroulent dans le jardin de l'école. Corazon Maya est une histoire de famille : Chame, le fils d’Antonio et Marta, et Josefa, sont présents au quotidien auprès des étudiants : ils répondent aux questions, rassurent si besoin... Les enseignants témoignent par leur pratique et leur agilité d’une solide expérience : Corazon Maya a accueilli plus de 30 nationalités différentes de tous âges : enfant, adolescent, adulte Corazon Maya intègre dans son enseignement des activités telles que des cours de cuisine, la visite de fabriques locales (chocolat, textile, …), des excursions : autant de façon d’aller plus loin dans la découverte de cette culture. Enfin l’école et ses revenus contribue à financer chaque année l’éducation de 12 à 20 jeunes filles de la communauté maya Notre 2nd coup de coeur

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